HR/T Compass is the perfect fusion of human capital and technology-driven analytics, of EQ and IQ. Our background and collective experience is a blend of human capital management consulting and technology-supported data analyses and solutions. We have the foundation, structure, discipline, and creativeness that lets us achieve success in adding value and making our clients happy each and every engagement. 

We will not tell you that no problem is too big for us. We will be honest and advise the correct path to take for any complex problem too big to solve by one small firm. Much like the startup companies that disrupt large established businesses, we have been part of and have seen small teams repeatedly out-innovate and out-work larger teams. This brings a profound amount of value to the client.

No nonsense. No inefficient chain of command.  Here, at HR/T Compass, we believe strongly in transparency and working closely with our clients to deliver unmatched products and services.







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"Yay!!" You did this!!! This!!! And this! You have outdone yourself this time!"

"I’m sure you all already know how great [HR/T Compass] is, but I just wanted to pass along a note to say she did an exceptional job on [project] completed last week. Her extraordinary patience, diligence, flexibility and project leadership were very much needed and appreciated during the months it took us to shape and focus the effort. The final product [HR/T Compass] delivered is exactly what our team ultimately requested! Thanks again for assigning her to our project."

"I'm so happy you're on our team – thank you again for your help and expertise. I wanted to pass along that leadership was impressed by your questions and thorough understanding of the challenge at hand. THANK YOU so much for everything you do on this project."



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